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‘Like a Phoenix’ shows how far Shadowplay has come

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When the members of this band decided to form a single group after high school it would have been easy to categorize them with other bands that never survive the test of time. Several years down the line there are still growing strong and doing much better. The tracks they have been releasing since their getting together serve as witness to the progress recorded by this band. With their track named ‘Like a Phoenix’; it is hard for you not to recognize the level of music skills that have been injected into the entire song. This is what makes it so captivating from the beginning to the last beats of the song. This is just one of their songs that have continuously received plenty of airplay beyond Philadelphia. Though they have recorded successful performances they do admit that it was never easy for them to reach where they are currently.
Just like any other band they have been rocked with several challenges which if were not handled with wisdom all band members would have gone their separate ways. During the early stages there are members who left the band making it hard for it to perform without finding a replacement for those who had left. Under the lead singer Andrew Corkery and Dan Holden who is the lead guitarist the band has continued to woo the crowds with their songs and their public performances one day after the other. The way their fans stream their concerts and how they respond to their music is a clear sign that this band is doing a great job in promoting rock music. To top it all it every time they make a public appearance it shows how much they are committed to their fans a concept that is seen in the music they offer their listeners.
The capability of this band to always leave their fans longing for more of their music can be attributed to the public exposure that they have. This has made it easy for them to understand their listeners well and it is due to this and other reasons that they have been able to release the songs that relate well with those who adore rock music. Listening to this song makes you come to the realization that this band still has a lot in store that is not yet exploited by other rock bands. The vocals, proportional mixing of the accompaniments and the overall performance of the whole song creates the impression that this kind of music speaks volume to the population that listens to it. It may not be so easy to make comments unless you get the chance to listen to this song.

Tags: ‘Like a Phoenix’ shows how far Shadowplay has come

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